Erika Evarts, Relationship Manager and Sourcing Specialist


Erika started as a Recruitment Associate with Talon in late 2017 and is off to a tremendous start. She's been cranking out placements, streamlining processes, and has otherwise quickly established herself as a rising star on the team. She is a strong and effective communicator, a team player, and shows strong leadership potential. She was promoted to a Relationship Manager and Sourcing Specialist in March 2018.


Prior to joining Talon, Erika held retail, food service management, sales, and nutrition counseling roles. Through these experiences Erika gained valuable skills that aid her in recruiting across a variety of career fields. Her diverse knowledge base and life experiences help her relate to individuals across the candidate pool, making her exceptionally effective in engaging qualified talent.


  • University of Vermont

    • Bachelor’s in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Science

  • The Sage College

    • Master’s in Applied Nutrition


  • ERE Training

    • SourceCon Academy, June 2018

  • Indeed Academy, January 2019

Specialized Talent Acquisition Skills:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter

  • Boolean Strings for resumes, profiles, "about me" pages, LinkedIn members and groups

  • Search engine alternatives

  • Email search

  • Sourcing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

  • Email messaging and marketing best practices

  • Diversity sourcing

  • Company and competitor search


  • Candidate engagement and motivation

  • Elevator pitch voicemails

  • Screening questions

  • Telephone sourcing

  • Candidate control

  • Selling the job, opportunity and culture

  • Reference checks

  • Compensation surveys

  • Salary negotiations

  • Visas, work permits, and green cards

  • Semantic and contextual search

  • Email permutators and Full Contact

  • Natural language search

  • Blogs

  • User groups and code sharing

  • Meetup, GitHub, and Stack Overflow

  • Conferences and attendees

  • Associations

  • International sourcing on Xing, Viadeo, LinkedIn and Weibo

  • Patent search

  • Google custom search engines

  • Specific site x-ray

  • Sourcing using Google images


Erika is a native Vermonter, currently living in Kohler, Wisconsin,  and working with Matt to develop Talon RPO’s second office. She is also pioneering Talon RPO’s Tier 1 search program, designed to support hiring initiatives for positions under $50k/year in compensation. Outside of work, Erika enjoys cooking, skiing, camping, horse-back riding and a variety of other outdoor activities.