Church Holdings, LLC - Personal Care Associate

Church Holdings – Personal Care Associate

  • Location: Burlington, VT

  • Full-time, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Job Description

Are you an intelligent, social, fun-seeking individual? Are you excited by the opportunity to travel, meet new people, and learn new things? Are you the type of person that is happiest in a casual, friendly, non-competitive environment?

This full-time position provides home care support for a highly independent adult quadriplegic – Ned Church.  Ideal candidates will be intelligent, open to learning new things, excited by and interested in out-of-state travel, (up to five weeks a year, not consecutive), and committed with a fun and outgoing personality. 


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.

  • Prior caregiving experience preferred.

  • Willingness to assist Ned with daily tasks such as maintaining hygiene, meal preparation, and operating a motorized wheelchair.

  • Enthusiasm to meet new people, join in conversation, and share new experiences.

  • Possession of a valid driver's license and ability to operate a wheel-chair equipped mini-van.

  • Ability to meet the attendance requirements in a reliable and timely fashion.

  • Willingness to travel out of state on occasion (advance notice provided).

What does a day in the life of a PCA at Church Holdings look like?

Once you arrive at Ned’s home you’ll park in your designated covered parking space. If Ned is still asleep, you may complete any outstanding tasks such as light cleaning or meal preparation. You may also bring along a book or enjoy your favorite Netflix series in the designated nurse’s room. Once awake, Ned’s night PCA will assist with bathing and clothing him. He will walk you through any additional assistance he needs prior to starting the day.

While you prepare breakfast, Ned may be reading his paper or engaging in a conversation about how each of your weekends went. Depending on the weather, you and Ned may enjoy a relaxing indoor day filled with conversation, games, movies, and more. Ned owns a counseling practice and may wish to use his voice activated computer to review patient information, respond to emails, or do some research. While Ned’s doing this, you may again wish to complete light tasks, read, or watch TV.

Ned is an outgoing person and enjoys getting outside and going for a walk or a ride on his boat when weather permits. He has a 2-year-old miniature golden retriever that enjoys the fresh air as well. Depending on the day’s schedule, Ned may ask you to accompany him on a grocery run, to a doctor’s appointment, or to his counseling practice so he can meet a client.

Ned is a foodie and is very social. He may ask you to try a new restaurant or meet up with a group of friends for a baseball game. He also loves to travel and will likely ask you to join him on his adventures.


Competitive pay and benefits offered are commensurate with experience.