Talon RPO's transportation recruitment practice delivers impressive performance through execution of a compelling and targeted outreach campaign that showcases your brand and opportunity to the greatest number of qualified candidates virtually possible. Searches are expert-led by Managing Director Matthew Burzon, a dedicated human resource professional with an extensive business, recruiting, talent outsourcing and sales/marketing background. 

Who is Talon RPO's recruitment process designed for?

In our experience, there are two types of clients who seem to benefit the most from our recruitment model. The first type of client is best described as a small or medium sized business that may have some in-house HR support but does not have a dedicated talent acquisition specialist on staff.  The client organization contracts with Talon RPO on an as-needed basis when active and passive candidates need to be identified for vacant or mission-critical positions.

The second type of client is best described as a medium or large business with a fully-developed in-house talent acquisition team. When the client organization's recruitment bandwidth becomes constrained or positions remain unfilled for longer than 3-6 months, the client organization contracts with Talon RPO on an as-needed basis to augment staff and manage through the challenge or peak in hiring demand.

Why On-Demand Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Working with Talon gives you access to the best recruitment practices, proven technology and specialized talent the market can offer with an average 8-week time-to-fill and an average cost-per-hire between 8-12% of first year base salary. When working on multiple engagements and evergreen searches, we've achieved a cost-per-hire as low as $800 across as many as 140 placements.  Our service is transparent, scalable and provided entirely on-demand.  

  • Add cost-effective, qualified, on-demand horsepower to your existing recruitment team

  • 50-98% reduction vs. contingent, retained, or executive search fees

  • Improved talent sourcing techniques

  • Improved quality of hire

  • 4:1 candidate submittal-to-hire ratio

  • 8 week average time-to-fill

  • Increased hiring manager & candidate satisfaction

  • Excellence in employer branding and social media presentation

  • Our clients own all project data and can cancel engagements at any time and for any reason.

The return on investment using Talon RPO's recruitment process is often extraordinary. Please consider joining us for a complimentary talent acquisition strategy session where we'll show you how others are succeeding at hiring the best talent, pipelining candidates, and reducing annual hiring spend. You will leave the meeting with fresh ideas and an estimate of potential impact and year one cost savings that you can bring to your management team or use to take immediate action.